Facts about Nuummit  

(amphibole - group)
Mineral Class: Silicates
Crystal System: Orthorombisk
Chemical formula: (Mg, Fe) 7 Si8O22 (OH) 2
Mohs hardness: 6
Density: Approximately 6



Nuummit is a gem from the rhombic amphibole anthophyllite (Magnesium) with Gedrit (aluminum).
Colors due to adhesions of the two minerals, where the transition gives a special reflex pattern in yellow, maroon,gray, light green and light blue.
The rock is a metamorft conversion of old volcanic rocks and are considered to be the oldest crystallized minerals.(About 3 billion).
Nuummit well suited for the manufacture of gemstones, carvings, etc. And is now well known worldwide.
There are similar minerals from elsewhere in the world, which unfortunately will be marketed under the nameNuummit. This is obviously not correct because Nuummit is named after the capital, Nuuk in Greenland, where the stone is collected in the mountains around Nuuk fjord.
  And therefore it is only anthophyllite with Gedrit coming from that site as may be described as Nuummit.